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We are officially blogging! - Shining the light on our Grains

Eeeekkk I have to say I am SUPER excited about kicking off our ANGEL BLOG for 2018. This is something that I have been wanting to do for, well ages!

Running a small business and being the business is damn hard. It is seriously like being a mumma bear. From formulating, to social media content, to sales, to customer service, to packing goods, working with staff... man just reading over that is exhausting.

But I am committed and so excited to share with you my knowledge, or as much of it as I can. The lovely Sarah and I have been head down bums up working on some wicked contect for you including a YOUTUBE channel....say what!?! Yep a youtube channel. Where we will post neat little DIY's or how to's or detail info into our product range.

Today I am kicking off our blog with a Promo we are working on, our Calendula & Oatmeal Facial Cleansing Grains. This product is the bomb-diggity and I aint just saying that (although it would be hard for me to trash bag one of my own products, wouldn't it?) No seriosuly if you have not tried our amazing cleanser then you are definitly missing out! 

Throughout the month of March we are hitting it hard on the benefits of our cleanser and why every shower, bathroom, shelf etc should have a bottle on it. 

This powerful powder will leave your skin feelng smooth and sliky soft. I have NEVER been able to use cleansers, ever! And I have tried many, my skin sucks and is crazy sensetive. So I researched, and as is with all my formulas, I threw myself into understanding the individual ingrediants. 

And here is the low down:

1. Clay - fine Australian clay, both white and yellow. From my research I came to understand that these two clays are the most gentle and commonly used by all skin types. Tick! Australian Clay attaches itself to the negative ions within the skin structure and draws out impurities. It helps to detoxify the skin of the nasty stuff, including excess oil. 

2. Besan - also known as chickpea flour, yep you can eat it! Have you ever made chickpea bread? OMG delicous, ok sorry digressing! Besan is widely used within the auyeverdic world and throughout India to help balance the skin. It also helps to even the tone of the skin, by brightening and whitening. 

3.Oatmeal - good old fashion porridge, well not really. Oatmeal is one of my fav skincare ingredients. For sensetive skin sufferes it is the BOMB. It is highly nourishing and the best part, due to beneficial enzymes, it creates a protective barrier on the skin to protect environmental conditions. This was a none negotiable for me in the cleanser, we buy organic rolled oats and grind them ourselves until they are small enough to blend, but large enough to gently exfoliate the skin. 

4. Calendula Powder - pretty petals are always a must to treat your skin. Soothing, nourishing and highly effective at reducing inflammation from skin conditions. 


Well now that you get the basic gist as to why I rave about this product then you should click here to check it our yourself. 

But don't take my word for it, that it is that good.... Here is what a couple of our regular grains groupies had to say:


Melanie said: The cleansing grains are my favourite skin care product.   Not only is it all natural with no nasties, it makes my skin feel amazing!  

The grains have eliminated my dry flakey skin and instead leave my skin glowing, feeling amazing and soft.  I absolutely love this product and can't recommend it highly enough."


Simone Said: "My daughter, being a teenager, has typical teenage problematic skin. Oily but sensitive with raging redness and spots.

Knowing what to use on this type of skin can be problematic in itself as most products contain toxins and chemicals making them too harsh on her skin leaving it sore and red. We discovered Ziel essence and tried a sample of their Calendula & Oatmeal Cleansing Grains. What a difference! So easy for her to use daily in the shower. We noticed a difference almost immediately with less redness and eventually so much clearer. Her skin doesn't feel dried out, red or sore - I attribute this to natural ingredient and calming nature of the oatmeal and calendula among the other goodies in there!

It has since become a daily routine producing happy, glowing skin!"


The best part... we are giving away a FREE SAMPLE of our facial grains with any and every purchase for the month of MARCH 2018. Yep we sure are! Or if you are comitted get a jar for 20% off retail and pop in code grainsrock at the checkout. 


Well, that's it for now angels...until next time 

Zo & Ziel 


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  • Zoie Janssen on

    Hi Sonja! Thank you, a little excited about it. The grains are safe to use daily. I can’t go a day without using them, I love the way my skin feels and it is so gentle.

  • Sonja on

    Hi! Congratulations on the new blog! I have a question re the facial cleansing grains, how often do you suggest using it? ?

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