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Why essential oil dilution matters

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Recently we released our brand new 'Little Souls' range and I thought it would be a great idea to expand on the reason we released a child friendly version of our pulse point roll-ons.

Essential oils are concentrated aromatic compounds. They are extremely strong and when using essential oils I always blend with the rule - less is more. 

Like everything we apply to our skin, essential oils are absorbed through the epidermis, deep into the dermis and into the blood stream. The oil is then distributed through the blood stream to the areas of need and then processed by the liver. The neat thing about essential oils is that the moleculor weight is so minute that the liver can process the oil quickly, allowing them to be easily expelled. Therefore leaving no residule accumulative effect. 

This being said essential oils can cause damage to an immature immune system. A child's digestive system doesn't usually mature until the age of 2 and this is also the case for the immune system.

From birth a child's immune system is working over time to build strength and vital elements to fight off infection. Introducing external factors, such as essential oils, will compromise this process and put strain on the develpment of the immune system. 

This isn't to say that essential oils cannot be used, but more of a caution. It is important that we know which essential oils are safe for children 0-2 years but more importantly in what dose is safe. 

Here is a quick guide on what a safe dilution is for an at home essential oil user:

Infants: 0-3 months = 0.1-0.2% = 1-2 drops of e/oil to 30ml carrier oil

Infants: 3 months - 2 years = 0.25-0.5% = 1-4 drops of e/oil to 30ml carrier oil

Children: 2 - 6 years = 1-2% = 9-18 drops of e/oil to 30ml carrier oil

Children: 6 -15 years = 1.5-3% = 13-27 drops of e/oil to 30ml carrier oil

Adult: 15 years + = 2.5%-5% = 22-45 drops of e/oil to 30ml carrier oil

** Please note only qualified aromatherapists should use up to 5% in a formula. And they will advise on how to safely use the blend they have made for you. They will also ask you to use it for a specific time frame, so your body does not become sensetised to the oil.  

As you can see the dilution rate differs quite a lot from a child to an adult dose. That is why we released our pulse point roll-ons in a range just for you children. Because at the end of the day your health is our number one priority no matter how strong the roll-on does or does not smell! 

To view our new 'Little Souls' range just click the picture.

Much love,

Zoie & Ziel xox 



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