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Ziel Essence is officially Certified Cruelty Free!

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I am extremely proud and over the moon to announce that Ziel Essence is officially Certified Cruelty Free!

This certification means that Ziel does not use any animal products in our skincare, does not test products on animals and does not use suppliers that test ingredients on animals.

The process to gain certification is stringent and it took me over 8 months to organise all the documentation to submit the application. This involved ensuring all my suppliers did not test on animals and gaining statements from each one to qualify this.

I am vegetarian and to be honest it was a personal health choice to become so. I do however greatly believe that if we ate less meat then there would be more land for agriculture and we could in turn feed more mouths!

However, I am extremely enthusiastic about the unnecessary need for testing skincare on animals. I do not believe that this is neither an effect nor efficient way of ensuring the ingredients are safe for topical use. Firstly, the skin composition of an animal is unlike the skin composition of a human, so this form of testing lacks in merit before you even consider the cruelty imposed on these animals.

More than 6 million animals are used annually in research and testing in Australia. Many of these animals are subjected to some degree of pain and are put under severe stress during the experimental procedures, or because of the terrible conditions that they are kept in.

It saddens me greatly that Australia is still one of the many countries to allow animal testing! Can you believe it? New Zealand have banned animal testing, it makes no sense that our government are behind the times and not already passed an act to make it illegal!

In 2013 the European Union, consisting of 28-member states, banned animal testing! Shortly after this followed Norway, Israel and India. Following this lead, New Zealand have now banned animal testing along with Canada and Taiwan. More countries are in the process of passing acts to phase out animal testing and the sale of any skincare products that have been tested on animals.


As a consumer: You can make a commitment to only using cruelty free and vegan brands/companies. To find out which brands are you cruelty free head to:

As a community member: You can click on this link, to sign the petition today, to ban animal testing in Australia:

Ziel will be up on the Cruelty Free List shortly and we are extremely proud to be alongside the many of the amazing brands that are already listed.

Zoie & Ziel xox

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